What is Characteristic of Rustic Bathroom Vanities

The idea of getting in touch with nature carries a palpable sense of appeal for today’s decorators. One cannot help but appreciate the clean, refined lines of antique dresser and storage bathroom vanities that came into prominence in the late nineteenth century and still wields power in the face of constantly shifting designer trends.   Crafted using natural oak, rustic bathroom vanities are making an especially big presence on the circuit of remodeling ideas.

60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Marble Top

60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Marble Top

What is characteristic of rustic bathroom vanities is the appearance and texture of a distressed wood surface. Antique oak and walnut are arguably the most signature types of rustic bathroom vanities. Some apply the finish of the aforementioned woods, while others utilize the material as part of the cabinet’s foundation and the finish.
When you think of rustic bathroom vanities, antique dresser and storage units probably come to mind. This is true, to a certain extent; on the other hand, they integrate some nuances that help create a more updated look that can fit rather effortlessly in the context of modern-day décor.  It is easy to understand the fact of being drawn to the so-called shabby chic that is the essence of rustic bathroom vanities. The juxtaposition between smooth lines and somewhat rougher surfaces is what propels the enticing factor for consumers from all niches.
Home furniture manufacturers are taking a great advantage of the growing enthusiasm about rustic bathroom vanities. Homeowners and real-estate agents alike are going for the gold by injecting a hint of the old-school appeal into homes, apartment complexes, hotels, museums, office buildings, and a gamut of other buildings, in which the rustic bathroom vanity would fit in, seamlessly.
Great news about the rustic bathroom vanity is that you can find it in myriad permutations, at any of the numerous highly reputed furniture stores. Best of all, you can purchase a high-quality rustic bathroom vanity at a reasonably low price, without having to spend a minute in a queue of other bargain-seeking shoppers. Our store takes tremendous pride in delivering an extensive inventory of the most in-demand rustic antique bathroom vanities from your favorite brands.
You probably will be interested in the following specimens from Cole & Co. and Legion Furniture. We feature a distinctive single-sink rustic bath vanity from Cole & Co, which consists of a hardwood cabinet in an antique parchment finish and fitted with two doors. A marble countertop is complete with your choice of under-mounted sink (Hampton copper, Hampton ceramic white, Coventry ceramic white); antique bronze faucet (sink and faucet sold separately). The Legion double-sink rustic bathroom vanities are crafted as a fir cabinet in a light oak finish, with four doors and seven drawers. A black marble countertop, white ceramic under-mounted sinks, and backsplash are included.

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