60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Natural Oak Finish

Antique Bathroom Vanity Win

An antique bathroom vanity is a popular choice for those individuals looking to escape the endless influx of synthetic material, technologically powered accessories, and the exchange of handcrafted detail for the more mass-produced look that might be lurking in some of the most current designs. The options for design and dimension are abundant, and so are the places to find them. It is easy to plan a new look for your bathroom, once you have a particular type in mind.

60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Natural Oak Finish
60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Natural Oak Finish

The antique bath vanity is extremely versatile in fitting well within any decor, whether traditional or contemporary. A great way to ensure having a sturdy and moisture-resistant product is buying an antique vanity cabinet, since you know that it is comprised of natural wood; the possibilities include the widely-popular oak, light and dark walnut, antique cherry, aspen, cedar, maple, and a great number of others. For countertops, sleek granite, marble, or even metal (copper or brushed nickel) ought to do the trick. And the sinks are either undercount, integrated, or pedestal (which can stand alone as a unique centerpiece, no cabinetry required); there being fashioned out of such materials as porcelain, ivory, and even gold or copper alloys are an excellent indication that the tasteful antique bathroom vanities are readily available; all you have to do is take your pick.
What comes to mind when you hear the term “rustic”? For most people, the connotations are of strong and hearty character. Old English cottages bring to mind a cozy, quiet retreat that can withstand the storm. Likewise is the case with mission style bathroom furniture. More importantly, these characteristics of solidity and simple appeal are what make Shaker bathroom vanities a treat for the eyes and a pleasure to use for years on end. The last thing you ought to worry about when remodeling, is an outrageous price tag on a vanity that is likely to prove mediocre, not to mention having to wait in line to purchase it, then wait longer for the delivery. The Internet is a surefire solution (and salvation) for savvy home decorators like yourself, who are serious about finding bargains for top-notch home furniture.
Out with the old misconceptions about antique bathroom vanities. In with the new and revamped attitude towards integrating some of history’s finest artifacts into a chic and becoming design circuit that exudes simple and inimitable elegance of hand-crafted accents for a home designed with modern conveniences and classic aesthetic practices in mind.
Discover the beauty of uniquely shaped furniture with intricate detail that is offset by a subtle yet rich finish. Grab on to the classic charm and take the plunge in inviting a hint of historic elegance via an antique bath vanity that will make your home look stellar and make you feel proud, in the process.

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