Wall Mounted Vanities

Space Saver Wall Mounted Vanities

They are both the latest, hottest trends and the ones to maintain continuous appeal. They define what is new and hot and, at the same time, defy the myth of “the newer—the better”. Contemporary bathroom vanities have come to be indicative of maximum elegance with minimal effort. They are also the epitome of furniture that exudes both functionality and charm. More importantly, perhaps, is the fact that contemporary bathroom vanities are crafted using materials that are easy on the environment, as well as on your wallet.

36 inch Walnut Modern Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

36 inch Walnut Modern Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

There are quite a few selections to consider. First of all, it helps quite a bit to do some preliminary homework, in order to become more thoroughly familiar with the most talked-about brands and narrow down to the choices that are most compatible with your range of budget.
Cost-effective materials are what do part of the trick for contemporary bathroom vanities. The cabinetry is generally constructed from lightweight yet sturdy materials. Among the resources are various types of natural wood (notably dark and light oak, birch, wenge, and bamboo), as well as the less expensive and more durable alternatives of plywood and MDF. The most popular configuration for contemporary bathroom vanities is that of wall-mounted cabinetry. A true space saver, wall mounted vanities provide additional storage space underneath the fixture, complementing the drawers, as well as adding to the visual pizzazz of the composition.

Countertops for contemporary bath vanities are intended to accommodate all of your toiletries; therefore, single-sink and double-sink contemporary wall mounted vanities offer a sufficient amount of room, even if they vary in size. Contemporary bath vanities often have countertops made of cultured marble, clear or frosted glass, or acrylic. Prior to making your purchase, be certain to check whether the contemporary wall mounted vanities include pre-drilled holes for plumbing installation.  Likewise, make sure to take accurate measurements of your bathroom, in order to ensure saving both time and money by purchasing the correct fixture from the get-go.
When looking for the perfect sink to fit a contemporary bathroom vanity, you will find a wealth of unique models crafted out of such materials as ceramics, Vitreous China, and fiberglass.  The most beloved styles tend to be sinks that are either under-mounted or vessel.
As for the finish on contemporary bath vanity cabinets, there are myriad hues and textures converging to create the most striking look, the subdued, the edgy, and the in-between. All you need to do is venture onto any of the online furniture stores to see the high-end products priced at an exceptionally low margin.  Your new contemporary bathroom vanities are waiting.

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