Simplicity with Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

How to spruce up your bathroom and forgo a ridiculous spending spree is a question that can be answered in no time/ You will discover that giving your bathroom a functional and free-flowing décor vibe is key for attracting sophistication and positive associations from anyone, who sets foot in it; most importantly, you will be satisfied with the room, for years to come. When looking to remodel your bathroom, it is important to take into account both the practical and the aesthetic values. The contemporary bathroom vanity often conjures up thoughts of what is the “hottest and most “in” item on the market. In fact, the contemporary bath vanity is about much more; it is about creating an elegant storage area that requires a modicum of maintenance on a regular basis. Best of all, budget-conscious and style-savvy like you will take comfort in the fact that contemporary bath vanity sets are crafted using sophisticated and cost-effective variations of materials designers know and love.

60 inch Adelina Mirrored Double Bathroom Vanity Carrara Marble Top

60 inch Adelina Mirrored Double Bathroom Vanity Carrara Marble Top

While natural wood remains a popular medium for contemporary bathroom vanities, it is often paired with plywood, veneer, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF); the cabinetry thus develops a more solid infrastructure that also becomes more impervious to breakage and corrosion. Included in this funky set of sophisticated sources are acrylic sinks, marble composite countertops, and ceramic sinks. For added convenience, most contemporary bath vanity cabinets are designed with the intention to help you save and maximize space, even in the most compact of bathrooms.
While the contemporary bath vanity category is extensive, let us zero in on a few specimens from Fresca. This brand showcases the ideal combination of the utilitarian and alluring. Naturally, contemporary bathroom vanities are available as both floor-standing and wall-mounted; likewise, you shall find both single-sink and double-sink types to accommodate a household of any size. (Double-sink contemporary bathroom vanities are recently showing up in domiciles all over, household size notwithstanding.) Without further ado, feast your eyes and minds on these select models of contemporary bath vanity sets:
Wyndham Berkeley double sink bathroom vanity, solid oak cabinet with an espresso finish, ceramic under-mounted sinks, brushed nickel faucet; Fresca Bellezza single-sink or double-sink contemporary bathroom vanity, solid oak wood cabinetry with a light oak finish; marble composite counter, ceramic under-mounted sink, brushed nickel faucet; Fresca Bellezza contemporary bathroom vanity wall-mounted double-sink contemporary bathroom vanity, cultured marble or glass stone countertop, ceramic under-mounted sinks with overflow; Fresca Vetta contemporary bathroom vanity with a solid oak wall-mounted cabinet, a marble countertop,  a ceramic under-mounted sink Sillaro faucet, a pop-up drain; Fresca Modello contemporary bathroom  vanity,  solid oak cabinet, marble. This is only a portion of the home décor pie you can savor at your leisure, while browsing the catalogues of Michelin-style fixtures at staggeringly low prices.

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