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Bathroom vanities can be purchased nowadays in an abundance of structural and textural motifs. What is more, you have the choice of purchasing one either with or without a countertop. Bathroom vanities without tops may be a relatively new development on the market, but the concept is catching on quickly. For home designers and real estate agents, to have plenty of flexibility in designing the interior space is as much of a priority as it is to furnish it functionally. Functional, of course, does not mean strictly utilitarian; rather, it means that the furniture carries both character and purpose.

48 inch Rustic Bathroom Vanity Carrera White Marble Top

48 inch Rustic Bathroom Vanity Carrera White Marble Top


Speaking of purpose, the one that lies behind bath vanities without tops is to ensure a full carte blanche for your sensibility as a style-savvy and resourceful decorator. Here is what happens, when you opt for a bathroom vanity without countertop: You truly become privy to more styles than one, considering that the countertop is a literal focal point of the vanity set. One might say that the standard protocol for bathroom vanity designs is to assemble all of the parts prior to placing the item on the market. Consumers used to settle for ready-made fixtures, convinced in this being their only option. Quite the contrary, since a bath vanity without a top leave s more room for creative interpretation on your part; this approach will allow you to manipulate not only the types of materials you choose but also the shapes, textures, and tones.
Something is unmistakably cool about being able to hand-select each one of the details in your new bathroom vanity. Once you are set on a vanity without a top, your options become all the richer. Our online store prides itself on providing you with a multitude of choices from all motifs. Antique, transitional rustic, modern, and contemporary bathrooms without tops are lined up and waiting for your nod and seal of approval; all you have to do is pick the variety of bathroom vanities without tops that speaks to your personality.

We have stunning, uniquely crafted countertops with optional backsplashes for your contemporary bathroom vanities.  Among the most popular sources can be located at a lower price tag than you might encounter at a brick-and-mortar store. Durable and moisture-resistant countertops are fashioned out of such materials as stone, cultured marble, granite, travertine (an excellent and economic alternative to the aforementioned two), and wood (natural, as well as engineered). For modern and contemporary countertops, we have selections in marble, acrylic, ceramic, and tempered glass. You can purchase some of these countertops with sinks of matching material. Usually, matching sinks are either integrated or mounted.
Outfitting your new contemporary bathroom vanities with stylish countertops easily can be an enjoyable part of the remodeling projects. Keep in mind that you have the option to mix and match styles for the base and the countertop, as well; one will complement the other, regardless. Take your time and let the ideas flow forward. Once you visualize the exact bath vanity you want, feel free to brainstorm, brose our store selection, and bring home that beautiful storage unit, (which we will ship to your door).

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