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    Shower Panels

    Bathroom Pizzazz Propped Up with Shower Panels : A homeowner deserves an occasional pampering in the form of a space meant for relaxation and warmth.  This brings to mind the bathroom, which conveys individuality, ease, and above all, cleanliness. One of the more eye-catching aspects of a bathroom is also the most standard of its fixtures, which is the shower. Keeping the décor up-to-date is essential, yet it does not always require the room to be remodeled from floor to ceiling. Focusing on the shower enclosure is enough, and one of the easiest ways to tweak and freshen up a bathroom, regardless of its motif, is installing a new shower panel. Changes…

  • Fleurco Roma 60″ x 32″ Bowfront Curved Door and Panel

    Stylish Décor with Sliding Shower Door

    Homeowners are rapidly taking to minimalist design, given its simple and elegant characteristics. Minimalist design focuses on furniture items that are essential to the room, without being excessive. The same sentiment is profoundly effective in the modern-day bathroom. Aside from the bathtub, the shower is yet another key fixture that has established itself as the crucial feature, rather than a novelty. Everyone enjoys a long, relaxing shower under a warm stream. While the concept of the shower is second nature, the shower enclosure is a relatively recent development; naturally, the shower door is thus a necessary addition. Modern bathrooms and shower rooms are designed in ways that emphasize functionality, charm,…

  • Ariel Platinum Steam Shower Computer Control Panel With Timer

    Steam Showers

    Heating Up the Home Spa with Steam Showers : Change and modernization keep all of us aloof, prepared, and constantly on the move. Rather than feeling as though we are required to catch up with everybody all the time, why not take a breather and enjoy a few minutes to yourself? Better yet, why not take that much-needed respite inside a private sauna room? Getting a sauna installed in your home has become one of the remodeling tasks that are certainly easy to accomplish. For centuries, people of all cultures have basked in the healing steams and splashed about in hot and soothing waters (whether they be natural hot springs or…

  • Frameless Rectangular Shower, Available 36″ x 48″

    Shower Enclosures

    Popular and Practical Sliding Shower Enclosures:  We take pride in accomplishing major projects on our own. Each one counts, whether it be big in the time spent, the effort contributed, the inspiration mustered, or all of the above. Imagine the satisfaction of giving your home the exact look and feel you aspired to do, not to mention the positive reaction from others, who set foot in that newly furnished bathroom. Of course, remodeling is not limited to bathrooms or shower rooms exclusively; they are, however, play a crucial role in shaping your home’s atmosphere. Having a clean and organized bathroom is key to good health, so is having one that…

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    Stylish Double Sink Vanities

    A double sink bathroom vanity carries the connotation of extravagance and elegance for those who have it and for those who want it. Browsing through a home design catalogue, one cannot eschew the allure of striking double sink vanity sets gracing a variety of sprawling bathrooms. One is likely to get the impression that in order to own a double sink bath vanity; one must have the assets worthy of a business tycoon. Not the case, though:  Double sink bathroom vanities are merely a concept make to enhance the convenience for the homeowner, rather than be the proverbial elephant in the room. Having a double sink vanity in a bathroom…

  • 60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Marble Top

    Discount Bathroom Vanities

    If you design to renovate your bath, discount bathroom vanities best solution for your bathroom and budget. First you need know that discount bathroom vanities do not mean immoral quality bathroom cabinets. It means bath vanities that is slightly ornamented and is of a quality that is good and can last you for a good age of time. Bathroom furniture that is also not in fashion is sold discount. It is practical to discover the class before you buying as you wouldn’t want to be left with wobbly termite diseased bathroom vanity cabinets. Buying any kind of bathroom vanities needs searching and the search is only going to get firmer…

  • 48 inch Warm Cherry Bathroom Vanity Natural White Stone Top

    Choosing Contemporary Vanity

    If you are someone who wishes to strike a balance between classic and up-to-date design aesthetics, then the contemporary bathroom vanity is just the fit for you. Homeowners nowadays have an unmistakable affinity for familiar detail in light of the constantly shifting trends around them. A contemporary bathroom vanity skillfully unites contemporary form with modified details that fit the current environment. While those vanities that are actually designated as classic and present-day have massive appeal, fashionable bathroom vanities often prove more compatible with contemporary demands; these demands include such considerations as the size of one’s living space and the functionality of the furniture in it. 48 inch Warm Cherry Bathroom…


    Decoration with Traditional Bathroom Vanities

    A console, a countertop, a sink, a faucet, and a mirror are all components of a traditional bathroom vanity. When on the prowl for a genuine traditional bath vanity to installing your home, you can keep an eye out for these details and be certain that what you find will be the exact item you and your sense of taste pick up on. Perhaps you have heard that the design is the brainchild of royal furniture makers, who have catered to Queen Vic at the peak of her reign. She decided that having a storage unit for her toiletries would be a splendid idea, and thud the traditional bathroom vanity…

  • 60 inch Rustic Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Natural Oak Finish

    Antique Bathroom Vanity Win

    An antique bathroom vanity is a popular choice for those individuals looking to escape the endless influx of synthetic material, technologically powered accessories, and the exchange of handcrafted detail for the more mass-produced look that might be lurking in some of the most current designs. The options for design and dimension are abundant, and so are the places to find them. It is easy to plan a new look for your bathroom, once you have a particular type in mind. The antique bath vanity is extremely versatile in fitting well within any decor, whether traditional or contemporary. A great way to ensure having a sturdy and moisture-resistant product is buying…


    How about Gray Oak Bath Vanities?

    Trying out new ways to spruce up your bathroom is an adventure that takes a bit of patience and brainstorming, mixed with a healthy dose of creativity and fearless experimentation in the realm of design. You are likely to come upon a series of interesting ways to put a spin on a fixture that has graced bathrooms in everyone’s homes across the globe, not to mention across generations. Antique cherry, birch, bamboo, maple, aspen… We love them all, but how about gray oak? 56 inch Largo Gray Oak Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity Subdued and provocative at the same time, the gray oak bathroom vanity definitely puts a contemporary twist on…