Old-School Glamour with Antique Bathroom Vanities

Old-School Glamour with a Low-Cost Twist by Way of Antique Bathroom Vanities

Antique bathroom vanities continue to secure the top spot in versatile home décor. While trends in fashion and design tend to wax and wane, antique bathroom vanities stay relevant from one fad to the next. Elegance and practicality are among the top criteria, for which consumers consistently choose antique bathroom vanities. They embody the essence of classic Victorian and Euro-Design ideals with modern convenience, both of which effortlessly work in a stylish storage unit.

Accord Antique 72" Double Sink Cabinet - Travertine Top, Undermount Ivory Ceramic Sinks

Accord Antique 72″ Double Sink Cabinet – Travertine Top, Undermount Ivory Ceramic Sinks

Efficient storage is indeed the crux of a successfully designed antique bathroom vanity. Solid materials, multiple compartments, and a spacious countertop make up a antique bathroom vanity that is both timeless and trendy. Most of all, antique bathroom vanities offer the look of regal luxury at bottom-dollar prices; this is especially true of antique bathroom vanities that you will find at our online furniture store.

A sturdy cabinet, crafted from high-quality hardwood, is the mainstay of a antique bathroom vanity. For decades, manufacturers and designers have utilized low-VOC hardwoods and MDF to form the basis of stylish and reliable antique bathroom vanity cabinets. Our online furniture store carries antique bathroom vanities in North American hardwood, oak, walnut, and poplar. Another [prevalent material is MDF.  Giving your home a new look, all the while saving money, became quite a bit easier, once manufacturers have traded bulky, costly natural wood for the more lightweight MDF and hardwood. Antique bathroom vanities on today’s market look as exquisite as ever and with a lower price tag, to boot.
Smart remodeling does not mean sacrificing great taste for a bargain. Rather, a antique bathroom vanity can help you achieve the best of both worlds. Our online furniture store offers antique bathroom vanities in various sizes, ranging from 24 to 69 inches in width. Likewise, the fixtures are available as either floor-standing or wall-mounted units. Antique bathroom vanities of the past had been designed predominantly as floor-standing fixtures with a single sink; nowadays, lightweight materials allow for more flexibility, not to mention lower remodeling costs. Our selection of marble, granite, and tempered glass countertops will help complete the desired look for your new antique bathroom vanity. You can purchase the tops and sinks either separately or as part of a fully assembled unit. See your bathroom in a new light with a chic, affordable antique bathroom vanity.

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