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Maintenance and Care of Your Exhaust Fan

It’s never enjoyable to carry out maintenance or clean your restroom exhaust fan, but it is completely essential. Here we’ll walk you through the standard actions of cleaning your bathroom exhaust fan.

You must inspect to see if you still have at least a little air flow going through your fan. One of the best ways to check if your bathroom exhaust fan is still working is to do the bathroom tissue test. Take a little piece of toilet paper and hold it near your exhaust fan. This piece needs to have to do with the size of your thumbnail, so if you let go and it gets sucked up into the fan, it doesn’t obstruct or cause damage. If you feel the paper being pulled from your fingers then your exhaust fan is still working. If you don’t feel that, then you certainly require to clean your exhaust fan.

  1. The next thing to do is to turn the fan off at the breaker. It doesn’t matter if your fan has a devoted branch or if it becomes part of your bathroom’s whole circuit. Shut off the suitable circuit breaker and label it with a note that warns other individuals not to turn it back on. You wish to make certain the fan doesn’t have power which it will not get power while you’re up there poking around. When you get back to the bathroom turn the switch so that the fan discharges all of the energy it might still have in its circuitry. This helps ensure that you do not get an unanticipated shock when you start cleaning.
  2. Next, use a strong stool or stepladder. Don’t use a cooking area chair or a stack of boxes. Your partner will understand if you take off your wedding ring to clean up the exhaust fan.
  3. The next action is to remove the fan grill or cover. Some fan grilles are held in by screws. Close the cover on the screws while you’re working so you don’t knock the bottle over and lose them.
  4. Wash the fan cover in warm soapy water and set it to the side. Just make sure to let it air dry and don’t use the heated drying method or you can warp the cover.
  5. Next, you require to detach the fan from the real estate. This generally includes screws, so utilize another plastic baggie or tablet bottle to hold those screws. Once you do that, you can vacuum inside the real estate around the motor. Be careful when you do and utilize the soft brush accessory. This is the one that appears like a circle of bristles. When you’re done, wipe the fan blades down with a soft damp cloth. If you like, we recommend using a disinfecting clean like a Clorox or Lysol damp wipe. This not just gets rid of dirt quickly but likewise cuts through any oil or residue.
  6. If there is, take the time to clean it. While you might not have the devices to do a deep tidy into the vents, anything is better than simply leaving it there.
  7. Once that’s done, make certain everything is dry which you have not left any cleansing cloths in the vent. Reconnect your fan to the real estate, and change the fan cover, utilizing the screws if needed. You can then safely turn the electrical power back on, and utilize your fan as regular.

    It’s suggested that you clean your fan at least when every three months. In addition, if you can, you should clean up the ductwork every year.

    It’s never fun to perform upkeep or clean your restroom exhaust fan, however it is entirely required. Here we’ll stroll you through the basic actions of cleaning your restroom exhaust fan.

    If you do not feel that, then you absolutely need to clean your exhaust fan.

    Your spouse will understand if you take off your wedding ring to clean up the exhaust fan. Reconnect your fan to the housing, and change the fan cover, utilizing the screws if required.

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