48 inch Warm Cherry Bathroom Vanity Natural White Stone Top

Choosing Contemporary Vanity

If you are someone who wishes to strike a balance between classic and up-to-date design aesthetics, then the contemporary bathroom vanity is just the fit for you. Homeowners nowadays have an unmistakable affinity for familiar detail in light of the constantly shifting trends around them. A contemporary bathroom vanity skillfully unites contemporary form with modified details that fit the current environment. While those vanities that are actually designated as classic and present-day have massive appeal, fashionable bathroom vanities often prove more compatible with contemporary demands; these demands include such considerations as the size of one’s living space and the functionality of the furniture in it.

48 inch Warm Cherry Bathroom Vanity Natural White Stone Top

48 inch Warm Cherry Bathroom Vanity Natural White Stone Top


The main purpose of a vanity definitely goes beyond being a centerpiece. While its classic predecessor harkens to a fancy makeup stand in Queen Victoria’s chamber, the up-to-date bathroom vanity is all that and more. By uniting a storage unit with a piece of tangible artwork as it is sometimes perceived by mavens of fashionable décor. Both adaptable to new conventions and true to their original archetypal form, contemporary bathroom vanities can instill in your home a sense of timeless glamour with very minimal effort on your part.
Quite a few homeowners find convenience in the configuration of up-to-date discount bathroom vanities. Some prefer the console look of the pedestal and semi-pedestal cabinetry with shelving beneath the countertop or in the form of a separate medicine cabinet; others are more inclined to opt for a modern bath vanity that resembles a chest of drawers; thus, all of the storage space is conveniently integrated into the set.
Choosing a contemporary vanity for your bathroom, you are guaranteed a worthwhile investment in a high-quality product. Feel free to give the online store a try, for there you shall find top-brand favorites at high discounts, speaking of integrated, contemporary discount bathroom vanities offer a series of options for sink designs. You have your pick of having a sink that is under-mounted—thus integrated into the countertop, or you can opt for a vessel sink, which would create an etch feel of added counter space. The sinks for discount bathroom vanities are made mainly of ceramics (e.g. porcelain) or fiberglass; some have matching glass countertops, while others include countertops made of travertine, cultured marble, or plywood.
Plywood, itself, is a top contender for cabinet material in modern bathroom vanities. Along with veneer and MDF, it is considered to be some of the most durable and cost-effective alternatives to natural wood. Granted, oak and bamboo continue to be applied as part of the foundation for the cabinetry in contemporary bathroom vanities. These materials are key in maintaining the shelf life of contemporary bathroom vanities, while also being lightweight and nearly impervious to such faults as etching or corrosion.

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