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Aren’t bathroom tubs grand? They are the perfect vessels for hydrotherapy at home. As a matter of fact, they do not need to be large, in order to create the effect of a luxurious spa setting in your home bathroom.  Too often do they seem to stand in the shadow of showers, as the must-have feature in the bathroom. Their long history unquestionably merits a second look at the perks associated with bathroom tubs. One might say that bathroom tubs are some of the earliest pieces of furniture in a home with the original plumbing system. Perhaps the bathroom tub first came about in Ancient Rome; its popularity spreading throughout Europe, thanks to the convenience of aqueducts.  In the meantime, was harnessing the healing vapors of natural geysers and hot springs (onsen), thus applying the principle in creating the traditional ofuro.

Luxury Clear Whirlpool Hot Tub

Luxury Clear Whirlpool Hot Tub

While we soak up the history of the bathroom staple (somewhat unsung in American décor, unlike the showers), how about a stroll through the transformation and variation that developed, both in the appearance and purpose of the bathroom tub? A wealth of motifs can inspire you to create that unparalleled look with a uniquely designed bathtub that sprung from modest beginnings to revolutionize the bathtub, as we know it. That inspiration was the claw-foot tub.
Bathroom tubs originated in the 1800’s, fashioned by a man who attached four pegs to a bathing trough. The concept was adapted and graduated into an iron tub with claw feet. Prior to indoor plumbing, bathing was a rather lengthy process, as the bathtubs were to be filled gradually by the bucketful. (The buckets themselves were to be carried a long way from the nearest well.) Indoor plumbing led to the development of inbuilt tubs, which led to homeowners favoring them over the claw-foot model. It is gaining resurgence in today’s décor, however, as people may seek to add a vintage look and feel to their bathroom. Hence, Victorian-era claw-foot bathroom  tubs are back in demand for style, as well as convenience. They are available in a wide gamut of styles, including the Roman, slipper, double slipper, pedestal classic, pedestal contemporary (with a wooden frame base), copper, wood, and freestanding claw foot tub. They typically come in iron, with enamel overlay, or light acrylic.

The iron tub may require a certain type of flooring to secure its considerably heavy structure; however, it is extremely durable and is guaranteed to withstand damage. Walk In Bathroom Tubs allow you to soak in maximum warmth and relaxation, as one end is raised slightly to allow ample room for headrest. If acrylic is your material of choice, this new tub will prove a breeze to install and, being lightweight, easy to move around. Its rustproof properties are excellent for long-term maintenance, during which strenuous and costly maintenance is not required. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits of classic Victorian charm adapted to suit your lifestyle at any given moment, and most of all, fulfill your needs for a serene and soothing experience, not unlike a spa session.

Choosing the appropriate tub takes into consideration the effectiveness and staying power of the materials, apart from style and dimensions. Newer bathroom tubs are intended to be grout-free, as well as able to withstand mildew, rust, and excess moisture.  You can easily soak up top brand names for a bargain, while finding a new tub.

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