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9 Best Non Slip Bath Mats in 2020 – Reviews with Buying Guide

Showering in the morning is the general procedure. But it should be comfortable as well. A shower mat is an important attribute that should be pleasant for feet, water resistant and lasting. It shouldn’t be slippery and too small. And the design is important as well. To get a fine shower mat one should chose a manufacturer wisely. That is why it is essential to buy this kind of product from a reliable manufacturer. We understand that a customer will pay attention to the price at first but taking into consideration advantages and disadvantages of a shower mat is a wise decision.

Non Slip Bath Mats buying guide – 9 best variants in 2020

Let’s take a look at the table at first:

Name Material Size (inches)


Plastic 16.7 x 3.1 x 3


Plastic 16.5 x 3.5 x 3.2
Vinyl 16 x 0.25 x 39
Vinyl 39 x 16 x 0.25
Rubber 0.28 x 0.16 x 1
Vinyl 16 x 2.6 x 2.6
Plastic 22 x 22 x 0.02
Vinyl 15.7 x 3 x 2.4
Plastic 22 x 22 x 0.02



  1. Many suction cups. This technology will make sure you will have massaging effect. But the main purpose of suction cups is the lack of slippery surface. It creates a fine texture.
  2. Large size. This shower mat is 35×16 inches long – you will have enough space to make procedures.
  3. Decent drainage system. Holes are created so water will go through the surface of the shower mat. If there were no holes water will congregate on the surface making it slippery.
  4. Easy to clean. Just put it in the bathtub and shower it to get rid of the dirt. Use a sponge to clean.
  5. It can be used in bathroom, sauna and SPA.


  1. It can only be used for plain surfaces so you would be able to put it on textured or tilted flooring.
  2. Too much holes makes the bathtub mat relatively fragile.


  1. The material repels water as it touches the surface. That means that this bathtub mat would not be slippery which is what you want.
  2. Anti-bacterial. The material also prevents microorganisms to spread and breed on a wet surface. During the manufacturing process of this bathtub mat there were no latex and toxic materials involved.
  3. You can wash it in the machine. Apart from the fact that you could just shower it in your bathtub you will be able to put it in the washing machine with gentle detergent.


  1. The design is pretty simple – not everyone will want this bathtub mat with simple colorless structure.
  2. This is a large mat and this makes it hard to wash by hands if you don’t have a washing machine.


  1. According to the manufacturer this tub mat is 30% longer than the average one.
  2. It provides protection for the whole surface of the bath.
  3. The pattern is covered with soft cups that prevent you from slipping.
  4. This tub mat could be washed in washing machine or you can just hang it – it will get dry in no time.
  5. It is very easy to use – just put it onto the surface and have shower.


  1. There is no suction technology so it could slide especially if your bathtub is bigger than the average models.
  2. This tub mat has plain design and the width parameter is pretty small.


  1. Decent drainage system – shower mats from this company have more than 170 holes.
  2. Pleasant texture – it increases the massaging effect while taking a shower.
  3. Those shower mats do not cover the drainage system so it will not cover the hole for water release.
  4. Suction technology makes such shower mats immovable while standing on it.
  5. Anti-microbial surface makes it almost impossible for bacteria to breed.


  1. This model is made only for smooth surfaces.
  2. Due to the increased length it is not advisable to use it small bathtubs.


  1. Strong and durable material which would serve you for a long time.
  2. This non slip bath mat will guarantee safest showering.
  3. The size of the item will guarantee full coverage of the surface.
  4. Suction technology makes sure this non slip bath mat stays put.
  5. Anti-bacterial surface makes it hard for microorganisms to breed.


  1. The surface of this non slip bath mat is plain – no massaging effect.
  2. This item is manufactured only in one color so sometimes it will be hard for this non slip bath mat to match the interior.


  1. Interesting design – white pebbles give massaging effect.
  2. Translucent structure – if you can’t find the appropriate color this is the ideal variant.
  3. Nearly 150 suction cups which makes this non slip bath mat stick to the surface of the bathtub and hold the position.
  4. The material is durable – vinyl is not harmful for the skin.
  5. No toxic materials have been used during manufacturing process.


  1. Translucent design is not ideal for most of the customers because it is sometimes hard to see the surface.
  2. The range of colors is limited but there is a blue and gray variant.


  1. If you are looking for a pebble designed bath tub mat this is the item you are looking for.
  2. Plastic is considered to be strong but easy to trim material.
  3. Suction cups hold this bath tub mat on the spot.
  4. Ideal variant who likes massaging effect of pebbles.
  5. Could create a SPA like atmosphere.


  1. Square design could be a downsize – not everyone would like a bath tub mat that needs a trim.
  2. Some customers avoid using plastic items because they consider this material of low quality.


  1. The form of this item fits in almost every bathtub – it comes in blue and white color.
  2. Reliable slip resistance and protection from bacteria.
  3. You can wash it in the washing machine or just hang it on a rope.
  4. The stability is established by suction cups that connect with the bathtub surface.
  5. The size is pretty big if compared with other alternatives.


  1. There are some questions about the durability of this item.
  2. If your bathtub is very wide this non slip mat is not a good purchase.


  1. Pebble design is perfect for those who like massaging effect.
  2. Suction technology works great – the mat won’t slip.
  3. It can be trimmed any time you want – that is why such bathtub mats has square form.
  4. It could be used for sauna and SPA.
  5. Decent price and strong material.


  1. Some customers do not like the idea that this mat should be trimmed.
  2. No color varieties so it would be very hard to use it in the bathtub with unconventional design.


Functions to Think About When Picking a Bath Mat

When I choose a bath mat, I particularly search for non-toxic materials and the water drain capabilities. I am not a fan of mold and mildew. It is necessary for me to have a product that will keep water from accumulating under the bath mat.

There are many other functions to think about when looking for a bath mat for your bathroom. We have offered information on several things you ought to consider prior to you pick a specific bath mat.

  1. Type of Product

    In the past, it was difficult to find bath mats made of anything except rubber. Today, it’s more typical to discover bath mats made from PVC or vinyl. These material types are simpler to clean and frequently have anti-bacterial properties that make the mats more resistant to mold and mildew growth.

  2. Water Drain
    Among the most important functions of a bath mat is its water drainage capabilities. If the surface of the mat is totally strong without any holes, then it is most likely that the mat will establish mold and mildew growth below. This can develop into a health concern if it goes undetected.

    Bath mats with little drainage holes are perfect as they will permit proper water circulation and minimize the threat of mold and mildew development. When searching for a bath mat, be sure to examine how well water drains pipes from the mat while it remains in use. If you are like me, I can not stand the sight of mold or mildew in my bath tub!

  3. Safety Features

    There are two main security functions to think about when searching for the correct bath mat for your restroom. Not just do you wish to ensure you have an anti-slip bath mat, you want to have a mat that has hundreds of little suction cups to ensure a strong and secure adhesion to the tub surface. These small suction cups will prevent the tub mat from moving while you are taking a bath or a shower.

  4. Warranties and Return Policies
    When selecting a bath mat, make sure that you consider picking a mat with a good replacement service warranty and return policy. Numerous business will provide you a duration of up to ten years to return a bath mat with no questions asked. This provides you with a practically risk-free chance to make sure you are satisfied with any bath mat you purchase.

What to consider when buying a Bath Mat for Seniors:

Slip-resistant functions: Although this seems to be the main function of a shower mat, some lower-end products tend to offer bad slip resistance and could wind up providing you a feeling of being hazardous instead of security when showering. For elders security should be a leading priority in the bathtub.

Capability to stick: Apart from the mat’s anti-slipping functions of the leading surface area where you stand, it ought to stay put anywhere you place it. The capability of the mat to remain in one place frequently compliments its own slip-resistant functions and offers owners a stronger sensation of security when moving inside the shower. Excellent suction cups are the secret: the quality, number of them and the distribution of them along the bottom (particularly the corners) is the feature to try to find.

Mold-free lifespan: Shower mats are most likely the one shower product that gets the most direct exposure to the water flow. This makes both the style and its product’s quality very essential as it ought to be able to effectively offer the water away to drain in order to keep it from establishing mold. It gets more difficult for lots of older adults to do a deep cleaning of the restroom, so having a mold and mildew resistant bath mat helps keep things hygienic.

How to select a bath mat

non slip bath mat
non slip bath mat

After years of testing and event feedback, we have actually discovered that people typically aren’t delighted with their bath mats. To avoid this occurring to you, we suggest considering the following concerns when you’re shopping:

  • Be sure to determine your bathroom prior to selecting a mat. Some individuals like to use 2 bath mats– one in front of the sink and one near the shower – so determine those locations separately to get the finest fit. If your bathroom door requires to clear your mat, make sure to check the mat’s height.
  • How will you store the bath mat? If you desire something you can leave on the floor and forget, we advise getting a mat that has a thicker nonstick support or a much heavier wood platform. If you wish to hang the mat in between showering, you’re probably much better off with a hotel mat or a thinner carpet without a support.
  • If you have kids or typically slip in the bathroom, look for a mat with a thick piece of rubber connected to the back. Some mats have a thinner, brushed-on coating that’s most likely to use off more rapidly in the wash.

The most essential requirements for an excellent bath rug or mat:

  • takes in water effectively
  • dries fairly quickly
  • cleans well (efficient in enduring weekly or biweekly wash cycles for a couple of years).
  • offered in several sizes (though we concentrated on the 20-by-30-inch size, which need to be appropriate for most restrooms).
  • available in solid-color alternatives (considering that many people use patterned shower curtains in their bathrooms).
  • gets great customer evaluations and is extensively available.


Modern market presents many variants of different shower mats. Most customers pay attention to the price and color. But one should take material into consideration. It should be at least a plastic item so it could be trimmed a mat is too big for the bathtub. Then we look at the suction cup quantity because they determine how stable the surface will stick to the wet ceramics. And do not buy a model that will cover the drainage hole completely.


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