10 Best Shower Head Arms & Extensions Reviewed

Choosing shower head extension could be troublesome. One should take into consideration materials, shape, length, price, and other parameters. They can be big, small, jointed, and straight (classic). Most customers will observe price and manufacturer but it is essential to take into consideration the quality of the product. Market offers millions of variants from different brands and it would certainly be hard to distinguish best alternatives using standard search engines. We decided to do a personal research and present 10 shower head extensions which you can buy.

Shower heads Arms and Extensions – 10 variants

At first, let’s take a look onto a general comparison table:

Name of the item Shape Length (inches) Material
Straight 10 Brass
Arm Diverter Metal
Straight 10 Brass
Straight 16 Brass
Straight 11 Brass
Short Shower Arm 6 Stainless Steel
Gooseneck 14 Metal
L-shaped 12 Stainless Steel
Gooseneck 12 Stainless Steel
Straight 11 Brass

This item simple yet effective shower head extension is ideal for wall installation. Due to this simple device, you will be able to adjust any angle and have a comfortable bath. This component is installed without any additional tools – so you don’t have to call a plumber. Brass is the ideal material and finishing layer makes this product look fantastic.

When talking about downsides some customers mention that brass material is relatively fragile compared to steel or common metal. Occasional mechanical damage can leave a cavity or a trench. But in general this is a good alternative if you need a simple shower arm.


You will not need a shower arm if your head is already long enough. At least that is what the creators of this item think. Tiny but very useful diverter is ridiculously easy to operate and install. The main advantage is versatility – it will fit into almost every showering system. The manufacturer has chosen brass and neutral colored finish that will fit into every bathroom interior.

And again, brass is considered a fragile material that is certainly a disadvantage. So make sure you are not banging it with a hammer or any other tool. Keep in mind that it is not a shower arm – it is a diverter.


Now let’s talk about adjustable shower head that is definitely worth our attention because of the color. The manufacturer had chosen a straight form that will enable this item to fit into every interior. It is not that long in comparison with other products in the list – only 11 inches. To install Aqua Elegance you just have to screw in into the wall. And as all adjustable shower heads, this one is 100% resistant to continuous water flows and the construction itself is water proof.

Strangely the color of this shower arm extension can be a disadvantage because it will not fit in some interiors that use specific decorative pallet.


Tired of continuous ducking under the flow? Let us present a solid 16-inch shower head extension arm that is long enough for everybody – even those who play basketball. Do not worry about the problems with adjusting the angle – in most cases, it will be held in one position. No special tools are required for installation. All you have to do is to screw it on and enjoy the flow.

Some may consider brass material a disadvantage. But this material usage made the price lower and this metal is strong enough to be exploited for a long time.


Let’s get down to another shower pipe extension that is made in a straight line. This form is very popular because of its versatility. And the manufacturer decided to choose brass again to lower the price. It is very easy to install because of the explicit installation instruction. The main advantage of such items is the ability to effectively customize a shower into THE shower of your own design and height.

And pointing out a disadvantage we stumble again at brass usage. This shower head arm could not be of the same durability as the metal item of the same design.


This is a short shower extension that is very popular among small bath owners. The color is not chrome and that is the main advantage. Apart from that, it is covered with nickel which will protect the body of this item from water and corrosion. This is a versatile component that would certainly find a place in any bathroom. This model is popular among customers because of its simple and smooth form.

But short 6-inch size could be a disadvantage because modern baths are huge and people want as much space as they can get. That is why some may just skip to the next model because this shower arm flange is just not good enough.


This showerhead with arm is one of the because of its form that many consider to be classic. The company decided to use metal to create a solid and cheap item that will endure water pressure for a long time. Traditional style is valued among many customers that are willing to get a working shower with enough space. This model is not expensive and as all standard shower head extenders are very easy to install and operate.

It is hard to speak about disadvantages because some customers like gooseneck form and others despise it. At least it is not made of brass and other fragile materials.


This model is even more standard as gooseneck items. But L-shape is even more convenient and conventional. That is why it is so popular. Take a look at the color and you will become amazed how good it is – it will fit in almost every bathroom. It is made of high quality stainless steel and the bronze finishing look perfect.

We don’t know of this item has disadvantages but some customers do not like the shape and the price. They think that it is too high – probably they have looked up other products.


As if a manufacturer is trying to say that it is the best shower extension arm there is if you look at the title. Even with the fact that is gooseneck type it is still 14 inches long – image if you would have been a straight type! Matte Black color looks prestigious and stainless steel will ensure that the construction will serve you for a long time. It is installed on the wall with basic carpenter tools.

When talking about disadvantages one can mention strange design and an old form that is not preferred these days. But this model looks nice and strangely magnificent.


And another WaterPoint shower arm extender with nice polish that will fit in almost every bathroom. It is made of brass again and that is why the price is a bit lower. But this metal is well known for its corrosion resistance qualities. Straight from is ideal for standard shower structures.

There are clearly no big disadvantages apart from brass fragile properties. This is a good variant of you are looking for a standard item at a low price.

Construction Material

Obviously, anything used in a bathroom ought to be waterproof and rustproof. It’ll be exposed to constant humidity so it needs the capability to hold up against constant wetness. Shower arm extensions might also be exposed to hard-water, salt-water, chlorine, and acidic bath items.

Inspect that your shower head extension is made from durable products that are immune to rust, limescale, and comparable types of damage. These adjustable shower arms are commonly made from chrome, nickel, stainless-steel, brass, or plastic layered with metallic paint.

Apart from longevity, each of these materials creates a various state of mind. Oiled bronze has a vintage feel. Black brass is edgy, while chrome and stainless steel emit a minimalist contemporary feel. Plastic can affect your bathroom’s state of mind, depending on the colors utilized.

Installation Technique

Preferably, you a shower arm you can install yourself. Outsourcing to a plumbing is costly, so prevent it if you can. Reviews may claim your shower head extension is simple to install, however, it’s finest to enjoy a video demo. This provides you the most precise evaluation of how to install it.

Another component of your setup procedure is positioning. Will you mount the shower head extension on the ceiling or the wall? Is your existing showerhead hand-held or repaired, and do you want to change that? Are you prioritizing vertical height or horizontal span? What about the showerhead itself?

Rain showerheads have a bigger surface area and more water pressure. Your shower head extensions need space for the showerhead.

Size Preferences

The size of your adjustable shower arm relates to setup requirements. If your shower cubicle is long and narrow, you may desire an extension that’s 16 inches or longer. On the other hand, if you have high ceilings (or high locals), you desire more an upward curve.

You may desire a shower head extension with a much shorter period. If your shower is outdoors, size is even more crucial.

Shaded showers are limited by the height of the building, so you want a much shorter shower arm. If it’s too long, it may stretch past the shade and expose you to the open sky. If it’s an outside shower, it needs to be weather-proof, insect-proof, bird-proof, and rodent-proof.

Fitting Requirements

Does the shower head extension come with a showerhead included? Suggesting they’re probably incompatible with basic restroom faucets and fixtures.

If either part breaks, you have to buy a brand-new set. And if the set you purchased is out of stock or out of production, you may have to refurbish your entire shower system. You’re better off buying a shower arm extension that has standard styling and measurements.

This might indicate your adjustable shower arm is less distinct. But it likewise implies it’s easier to find replacement parts in case of age or damage. Choose a shower arm that fits showerheads from any other brand name. Inspect whether it clips on or screws into your showerhead, simply to be sure.

Extra Features

Do you want a shower head extension that can be broadened or shrunk? Other shower arms can be turned 90º or even 180º.

Every additional function features an extra cost, so beware of what you wish for. Balance your spending plan with your requirements and decide what you can compromise. For instance, you may consent to pay more for a one-piece shower arm that’s lighter and much easier to set up.

On the other hand, you may spend a little less for a shower head extension that needs in-depth assembly. It takes longer to establish, but it costs less at the outset. Apart from the shower head extension building, you could consider the shape and design of your shower arm.


We hope that this review was helpful and informative.

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