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10 Best Rain Shower Heads and handheld combo [2020 Reviews & Buyers’ Guide]

Rain shower head for your bathroom – 10 variants

Best Shower Head Reviews Rain shower head is popular due to the «natural» effect as if the droplets of summer rain pleasantly slide down your skin. There are lots items types and every one of them has their own characteristics. That is why a client should take a look at those parameters before taking into consideration price and color.

Let’s take a look at ten rain shower heads. We shall see through main advantages name main parameters so a customer will distinguish why they are so popular.

The best rain shower heads

Rainfall shower head models comparison:

Name Size (inches) Shape Mount Material Finish Flow (GPM) Nozzles
6 Round Wall ABS Chrome 2.5 90
7 Round Wall Gleaming bronze with ABS Gleaming bronze 2.5 100
9 Square Wall Chrome and ABS Chrome 2.5 90
12 Square Wall Stainless steel Chrome 2.5 100
16 Square Wall/ceiling Brass and Stainless steel Nickel 2.5 90
8 Round Wall Stainless steel Stainless 2.5 90
8 Square Wall Stainless steel Chrome 2.5 100
12 Square Wall Stainless steel Stainless 2.5 144
8 Round Wall Stainless steel Chrome 2.5 90
8 Round Wall ABS Chrome 2.5 90


Now let’s take a look onto advantages and disadvantages of those waterfall shower head models.


This item has modern design that will fit almost any interior. After turning on a stream it will nourish your body that will become soft and relaxed. Take a look at the advantages are:

  1. Strong water stream will massage and relax you.
  2. Cleaning holes is easy – use any material or fingers.
  3. The construction is rotating in any direction.
  4. Chrome finish looks amazing.

This waterfall shower requires no installation skills due to its structure. It wastes less resources but has great impact on your body.

“-“ The disadvantage of this item is a simple design and chance of breaking because of the corrosion.


This rain shower system with 2 sources of stream and various modes. You can get rid of the dirt on holes very easily. This is a premium class product made of ABS and gleaming finishing surface. Each shower can operate in various modes: strong flow, stream, power stream, massaging effect, raining effect, and special technology that will close the flow immediately. You will not need plumber – installation takes 10 minutes.

“-” It has only one downside – this rain head shower is not that chap in comparison with the previous model.


This rainfall shower has been produced by Interlink Products Company. If you prefer this type of form this luxury variant could be ideal. The main advantage is push-control technology that makes exploiting pretty easy. It can be used in different positions. This item has almost 5-inch surface that will allow you to achieve better coverage. The position is adjustable and it can be put on the wall within 10 minutes.

“-” Buyers often complain about the form and this is the only disadvantage. It is still better than some delta rain shower heads of the same price.


Massive 12-inch modern head – a king among rain showers. It is made of stainless steel and has an adjustable extension arm. With that model, you will be able to create almost real rain. No tools required for installation – a few minutes needed. You will experience no clogging and dripping. Apart from stainless steel, this model is made of multilayered plates. You will surely like its ultra-thin design and the ability to create stable stream power even in the low pressure conditions.

“-” This price is pretty high but the quality and expenses balance is good. Such rain showers are the best.


You thought that NC-007 was big? This 16-inch square ceiling shower head is impressive. The body coverage is massive and this is one of the best models when it comes to true rain experience creation. With anti-scald function and pressure balancing shower valve, you will never spend water in vain. Chrome plated finish looks magnificent and 304 stainless steel is 100% corrosion impervious.

“-” Are there any disadvantages to such rain shower heads? It has a high price.


If you prefer high pressure performance round best rain shower heads this model will surely impress you. Air in technology will provide fine water stream ever if the pressure is low. This company always thinks of the customers who are in search of relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. This is a high quality bathroom product. 90 outlets, 360-degree rotation absence of burst and ultra-modern design – this is what you are looking for in a rainshower.

“-” In comparison with other products, this one has smaller coverage zones. But the price is moderate.


This rain shower head with handheld requires not tools to install. There would be no clogging and dripping. The manufacturer used premium materials (stainless steel mostly) and saving water technology. There is a rotating connector and air booster included. It is a reliable rain showerhead which has many good reviews. Brushed chrome finish and 2.5 GPM flow rate is incredible.

“-” Despite of the technologies applied some customers consider that is wastes too much water because of the huge coverage.


This rainforest shower head provides high pressure water stream and water saving technology which can save about 30% of the resource. After turning the tape water will come out almost instantly. The manufacturer also used anti blocking nozzle technology and stylish chrome finishing. You can choose any angle of the head – it rotates 360 degrees. Ultra-thin technology and great coverage is what customers admire in this product.

“-” Some customers do not like the idea that you are not able to use it as a normal handheld type. It is not very convenient.


Another NearMoon 8 inch rain shower head with chrome finishing. It also requires no tools to install. Flexible silicone nozzles are easy to clean so they will not be blocked. There would be no rusting because of the stainless steel. The rotating connector is easy to operate. It will provide comfortable experience and relaxing massage. Ultra-thin design and air booster technology will provide the needed pressure.

“-” Adjusting mechanism that changes the angle looks fragile. So it is better to adjust it carefully.


A relatively cheap but modern model is one of the best rain shower heads still. Flow restrictor will allow saving precious water resources. The high pressure will ensure you will have massaging effect. 90 nozzles are cleaned by themselves.

“-” The design is pretty simple and you would not be able to adjust the angle so it you will have to shift your body.

Benefits of a rain shower head

  1. You get a mild, relaxing shower. Rain beads versus sharp water jets? We understand which one we ‘d prefer. Shower in luxury and convenience, your really own raincloud each early morning at the temperature level you want.rain-shower-head-reviews
  2. Rain shower heads look great! A quality rain shower head will make your bathroom and shower look like a million dollars.
  3. More coverage in your shower. Ever seem like you had to run around in a shower to get wet? With a sparse and irregular shower head, you’ll always have an average shower, not a great one. With a big and even rain shower head you’ll constantly be covered and have a fantastic shower every time.
  4. More alternatives for you. The more advanced rain shower heads have several spray patterns to select from. More choices let you pick the shower spray that fits you and your state of mind. Seem like a strong hot shower? Select the drenching rainfall. Seem like a long meandering, stress melting shower? Pick the water saving trickle and never ever feel guilty about utilizing too much water. Sore and stiff muscles? Choose the pulsing rain massage and wash that discomfort away.

Kinds Of Rain Shower Heads

  • Fixed – A set position rain showerhead is one of the most common types that you will be able to discover. This kind of shower is simply mounted to the wall using a single bracket. Our set rain shower head is normally the best option for smaller shower enclosures where moving the shower around the showering area is not necessary.
  • Wall arm showerhead – this kind of rain shower is one that is still fixed to the wall. It is slightly different from the basic set showerhead. It is installed on an arm bracket so that it can extend further out into the shower area. Often, these kinds of showerheads have a bigger face that points downwards so that you can experience an even broader stream of rains. Often, these are referred to as rains or perhaps rainforest showerheads.
  • Ceiling arm showerhead – whilst Will am showerheads are connected to the wall, ceiling showerheads are certainly connected to the ceiling. If you have a larger restroom with a walk-in shower for example or even our wet room, you can add luxury to your room by setting up among these ceilings mounted showerheads. It doesn’t matter whether your bathroom has a modern or traditional décor, as he will have the ability to select from a range of different styles.

How Will You Know Which Showerhead Will Be Suitable?

rain-shower-headMany brand-new rain showerheads are made so that they will fit easily into existing basic United States plumbing. One of the fantastic things about rain showerheads is that they are extremely easy to install and generally required no tools.

  • Style And End up

If you’re going to be altering your entire restroom, you need to make sure that your brand-new shower matches any faucets and fittings that you are preparing on fitting in your brand-new restroom’s design. Another alternative is to get a brand brand-new Bluetooth shower speaker to fit your brand-new rain shower.

  • Spray Quality and Pressure

To have a real rain shower experience and enjoy its benefits, your house should have at least average water pressure. If you have low pressure, you may desire to think about getting another type of shower head like a high-pressure shower head because a rain shower will not be the best option.

Rain showerheads need to mimic soft rain. The most typical spray types are – targeted, rinse, pulsating. With rain shower heads, you rarely discover one that has a lot of spray alternatives.

It is necessary, nevertheless, to get the right size shower head.

  • Wall-mounted or Ceiling-mounted?

best shower headsWall-mounted rain shower heads are becoming the preferred choice by the majority of individuals. That’s generally because they are easier to install and are a bit more economical than ceiling-mounted showerheads.

In addition, most people do not have pipelines on their ceiling. In order to set up a shower head there, they need to do a costly restoration prior to that. A renovation makes the rain shower head even more expensive.

You must remember that a rain shower should be set up at about 8 inches above the tallest individual in the household in order to get all the benefits from it.

  • Size

You can find various sizes and shapes of rain showerheads. Rain shower heads are designed to provide you a sense of real rain.

Another thing to consider is the water pressure in your home. If the showerhead is 10 inches or more, you may have a problem with it. Because of the size of the head and all the nozzles that it has, really low water pressure will just not suffice. This will result in an unpleasant bathing experience. You may be much better off getting a high- pressure shower head and abandon the idea of a rain shower unit completely.

If you don’t have a problem with the water pressure, then picking the best size rain shower head boils down to your personal preference.

  • Alleviate of Setup

waterfall-shower-headThe installation of a rain shower head is easy, but some things need to be considered. Wall rain shower heads are ending up being more popular, and there’s a range of models offered at budget-friendly costs.

When you pick a model, and it’s time to install it, you need to think about the following:

  • The proper size and shape. If you purchase one that is too big and is visually pleasing, it may not be suitable for a little bathroom. It depends upon where it will be installed. Over a tub, in a shower cabin, and so on
  • Room for the rainfall, since with high pressure and a big shower head, a larger area will be getting wet.
  • Alleviate Of Use

When you purchase any new showerhead, you must make sure that it would be simple for everybody in your household to use. If there are little kids or senior people, they may not have the ability to rise to a high set rain shower head in order to alter the flow pattern so you must look out for handheld showerheads instead. These are frequently mounted on a moving bar so that you can easily change the height of the shower. You can also get rid of the showerhead and hold it in your hand. It will allow you to clean your bath with it for example. The exact same applies to the best his and her showerheads also.

rainfall-shower-headAnother manner in which you can guarantee that the rain showerhead will be suitable for your restroom and for everybody in your family to utilize is to get one that has water circulation patterns that are simple to change. The circulation pattern is usually picked utilizing a basic dial on the face of the showerhead.

  • Expense

Upgrading your shower can be extremely budget friendly or it can be extremely pricey. With such an excellent rate scale, homeowners with any budget are able to prepare to replace their existing shower or install a shower in their restroom.

If you have actually seen a more pricey shower or shower set, you need to check out evaluations and do a little more search on it. Does it really supply you with anymore functions than a less expensive model? If you are only thinking about buying it because of the way it looks, are there any cheaper designs out there that appearance similar? Are the aesthetics sufficient to invest so much money on the shower?

When you are comparing different models of showerhead or shower, you need to remember that the shower’s price might not actually show much better quality. In order to check this out, you must take a look at the important things that consumers state about the shower or showerhead online before you make your choice.

best rain shower heads reviews
best rain shower heads reviews

Another aspect that you should think about when you’re changing your shower is individuals who will be utilizing it. If you only have one bathroom in your home and this is the only shower that you have, it is worth spending a bit more on making certain that you acquire one that is durable which will last for a long time, even with everyone in your family utilizing it on a daily basis.

If you are only going to be changing a shower in a visitor restroom, you may wish to think about purchasing an actually remarkable looking shower. Nevertheless, you may have the ability to conserve a little cash on the expense of the shower by getting one that performs somewhat poorer than a shower you use more frequently. For a bathroom that only you will utilize, for instance as part of an en-suite bedroom, you can pick whatever shower you desire. It doesn’t even need to match the design if you don’t especially want it to.

As pointed out already, you might have the ability to save money with the expense of installing your shower. If you find a shower that is easy to install, you will just need to think about the expense of the shower, as you will be able to install it yourself. If nevertheless, you require someone to set up the shower for you since you are not confident doing it yourself or if the installation process is a bit more complex, you ought to remember to consider the expense of working with somebody to install it for you.

It is important to know how much you desire to invest on your showerhead prior to you start looking. Remember to purchase one that is as expensive as your budget will enable so that you will be purchasing a rain showerhead that will last with plenty of functions.

  • Guarantee

Some makers provide a service warranty with their showerheads to offer you comfort with your purchase. You must inspect to see what the service warranty covers so that you understand the terms totally.

Do Rain Shower Heads Usage More Water?


It truly depends upon the model that you get and on its flow rate. The majority of, if not all, of the modern showerheads, are created to be more water-efficient. Some people declare they feel like the warm water is going out much faster, however from our experience, this is not a problem.

If the showerhead uses 2 GPM, and your old regular shower also uses 2 GPM, both are similarly water efficient. The rain shower head won’t utilize more water than they’re expected to.

How Far Above Your Head Should a Rain Shower Be?

If you desire the most sensible experience with your rain shower head, the standard height to put it at is 80- 84 inches. If you have actually chosen to install it on the ceiling and it’s expensive, you can get an extension and bring it down to the recommended height with ease.

As this kind of unit mimics showering in the rain, it should be suitable for people of all heights. Keep in mind that if you put it below 80 inches you might lose the ‘rain’ feeling from the shower. It will be too near you, and it may seem like a routine shower.


We hope that you will find this rainfall shower head review useful.


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