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10 Best Fogless Shower Mirrors – Reviews & Guide 2020

When choosing a shower mirror it is essential to get an item that has moderate price, strong frame, and the ability to resist fog. The last parameter is the most important. You can get a conventional variant but what is the point when market offers relatively cheap and high-quality goods.

We understand that market usually provides plenty of options and sometimes it is very hard to distinguish the best item – every manufacturer will praise its product. That is why we decided to make a little list that will help you to get shower mirror.

Antifog shower mirrors – 10 variants

At first, let’s take a look at general table with properties:

Name Size (inches) Weight Special parameters
8.5″ W x 6.5″ H 1.15 pounds Compact and easy to travel with
6.69 x 6.61 x 0.16 8 ounces Does not shatter when it is broken
7 x 7 x 1 inches 4.8 ounces Unisex variant
6.8 x 1 x 5.2 inches 2.56 ounces


Compact and fitted with hook
9.6 x 2.8 x 9.5 inches 1.45 pounds 20% larger than average product
3 x 7.2 x 13.2 inches 12.7 ounces Installed using suction technology
8.7 x 6.1 x 1.8 inches 9.6 ounces A whole set of useful items
7 x 7 x 4 inches 6.3 ounces Suction technology and hook for razor
7.6 x 5.6 x 0.2 4 ounces Slot added so you can dangle it on a rope
9.4 x 7.2 x 2.8 inches 11.2 ounces Easy to install and a slot for razor


Now let’s talk about main advantages and some disadvantages of items mentioned. Try flexible mirror reviews.


When it comes to fogless shower mirrors most customers pay attention to ToiletTree products. This one is considered to be universal because it will fit into every bathroom. Don’t forget to check other variants of this particular item as they are bigger and versatile. But even this variant is large comparing to other items. It is a best seller because of a simple design, thin frame and smooth surface.

The price is a disadvantage of course because when you are looking for a tiny mirror you are not ready to spend $$$.


This fogless shower mirror is well known for its strong frame. Even if it is broken it will not produce shards. It is compact and easy to install. An ideal variant for shaving – it will never go foggy so you can spot even a tiny hair. This particular item is installed using a suction technology. The handle allows adjusting any angle you want.

Some consider suction technology a disadvantage because it is not safe. Make sure you got rid of the wet surface on the wall. Suction technology is a standard for such items after all.


Another shaving mirror that will be ideal for men that shaves often. Suction technology is used again and the price is moderate. It is considered to be a unisex variant. The angle is adjustable and it is very easy to install on a dry surface. There is a slot for a razor so you will be able to find it every time. If it falls it never shatters. According to the manufacturer, it has strong lock.

Sometimes you can forget that the surface should be dry which is easy when having a bath. It will not fall but it will slide.


This company presents us cheap but still very useful mirror steam. Despite the fact that is was made for shaving you can use it any way you like. Just add a hook on the wall and use a special hole to hang it. While it is not that convenient if it dangles on a hook during a ride, low price covers that disadvantage. If you are looking for a compact variant for shaving just use this one item.

Using a hook is even worse than suction technology. But still, the price is very low.


It is the second ToiletTree product and it is a good fog free shower mirror. It looks like a small TV set and it is not using suction technology for a change. The frame is strong and the mirror does not shatter it is falls. This is a good item for those who are interested in high quality products. The main advantage that it is 20% larger than an average mirror.

The main disadvantage is the price obviously. No everyone is going to pay much for that product even if it is pretty large and convenient to use.


If you want to try flexible mirror on amazon you should consider this product with a simple design. It will not shatter as normal glass and it stays clean every time you bath and try to shower. It is installed on the wall with the help of suction cup. It has simple design and sturdy frame. If you are looking for a simple yet useful item this is the best shower mirror.

The price is pretty low but there is nothing special about the design and that is the main problem. Some may consider it as a disadvantage.


This is not a regular shower shaving mirror. It is a full set where you can put a toothbrush, razor, gel, and even some accessories. This item is probably the best on the list if you are looking for a compact variant. And the price is pretty low too. It is not that big but handy for travelers and owners of small bathrooms.

For some reason, it has low rate on Amazon. Probably because of the tiny mirror size. But hardly could be considered as a disadvantage.


Let’s continue our search of best shower mirror and so we stumble upon this regular round variant. So why should you choose this particular item? Because of the reasonable price and handle for the razor of course!  It is very simple and effective. In most cases, you will install it on a mirror so you will be able to shave using its clear surface.

It is hard to talk about disadvantages but it is still pretty tiny. Maybe that is why some reviews are bad. Still, it is a good alternative.


The title of this shower shaving mirror speaks for itself. It could be hung on a rope. That is certainly a disadvantage and if you disagree just look at the price. You don’t even need a wall to complete your morning shaving ritual. All you have to do is to dangle it and do the work.

Well some may consider lack of suction cup a disadvantage. But this product is of another fogless mirror category.


And the last contender is shaving mirror for shower that is simple and effective for daily routine. It has suction cup which makes it almost versatile. It has a round form and pretty big surface. The reviews are mostly fine and according to the manufacturer commentary, it has a sturdy frame. And of course, there is a razor holder. This shaving mirror for shower is able to produce distortion free images.


Functions To Be Conscious of When Picking a Fogless Mirror

shower mirror
shower mirror

Here are a couple of things that we recognized that should make picking the very best fogless shaving mirror for you a bit easier:

  • Pivot Head For Ultimate Versatility

A pivot head mirror will be perfect if you share the shower stall with others in your home (or apartment/dorm). With its unique capability to point upwards, downwards, and side-to-side, it can easily work for all those at various heights and preferences. In addition, with a pivot based mirror you can point it far from the shower if you prefer not to get splashed while making the passes with the razor blade.

  • LED Lighting For The Dark Shower Stalls

If your shower stall is extremely dark whether its due to poor lighting or possibly a dark shower drape, then an LED lit mirror will help you to see your whiskers more quickly (this is particularly real if you have a thin light colored beard).

  • Razor Hook To Keep Your Razor Clean

Now numerous men might have their own shaving hook if they currently utilize a double edge safety razor, however for those that depend on a non reusable or cartridge based razor will enjoy the addition of a razor hook. Hooks are an excellent method to dry off your razor post-shower and ensure that no mildew builds up around the crevices.

  • Accessory Approach

fogless shower mirrorHere are a few of the popular attachment approaches for fogless mirrors:

  1. Suction Cups
    With these supports, they regrettably don’t affix to a wall for an extended time period. Therefore, no matter the hour (be it 6am, 3pm or 11pm), they will ultimately fall off the wall in your shower stall eventually in their life.
  2. Adhesive Strips
    More long-term than suction cups, adhesive strips will likely come in the form of double sided tape and connect to most surfaces. With this uncompromising adaptability, this method is preferred by guys who reside in a home (instead of more temporary scenarios like a dorm or house).
  3. Shower Hook
    Whether its screwed to the shower pipe coming from the wall, or just hooked around the pipe itself, shower hook mirrors are the most portable, and most likely to endure the hot damp environment of shower stalls the longest.


So we have actually covered the how, and it’s time to speak about the why. Namely, why use an anti-fog mirror to shave in the shower? Well, first it conserves time, especially if you have all your shaving equipment in there waiting on you. No need to get out, dry your face and body, prepared to lather up with foam, shave and then wash and dry your face all over again.

shaving mirror
shaving mirror

No standing around dripping damp and freezing cold in the winter season early mornings either, waiting for the mirror to defog so you can get on with your early morning regimen. Rather, you’ll be shaving in the hot steam from the shower, so not only will you be quicker and more efficient, you’ll be way more comfy in the warm water.

What’s more, shower mirrors allow you to step right out of the hot water and steam into your towel, so you just dry yourself, and you’re great to go. With time to spare to get dressed, do your hair, or whatever else it is you require to do to ensure you’re feeling 100% when you leave the house. So, fitting fog-free mirrors in your restroom makes good sense, right?

The warm shower water will likewise soften up your bristles and your skin, so with a fogless mirror, your shave will be easier and more precise. Heat also opens up your pores which is excellent for the skin, so if you have a post-shave skin care regimen (which you ought to have) then your moisturizer/soothing balm will be quicker taken in, leaving you with softer skin and less irritation.

If you have actually never ever thought about installing a fog-free mirror to shave in the shower, you need to try it; your morning regimen will be halved, your skin will remain in much better condition and you’ll constantly be perfectly groomed. What’s more, you’ll buy back time to sit with your coffee and get yourself psyched for the day ahead and it can function as a makeup mirror – more points for the anti-fog shower mirror.

Types of Fogless Mirrors On The Market

When examining the fogless mirrors on the market, you have definitely three different alternatives to pick from:

  • Chemically coated mirrors
  • Heated mirrors
  • Attached mirrors (to the shower pipe).

Fogless Mirrors With Coatings

One of the most popular kinds of fogless mirrors will be those featuring a chemical based finishing to keep the fog at bay. This innovation while great when just starting, will likely dwindle with time.

You see, the fogless mirrors with a chemical covering require complete elimination from the shower stall when not in use. The factor for elimination is to even more minimize deterioration of the covering.

Another handy trick that we experienced was that if you just use warm soapy water on the surface of the mirror, it must help to keep the fog off the mirror for an extended period of time.

Fogless Mirrors With Reservoirs

Mirrors like the ToiletTree or the Brookstone Fogless Mirror will have a tank put straight behind the mirror that will help to ward off fog. Much like when you drive an automobile when it’s drizzling, the reservoir will warm the glass of the mirror to be at the exact same temperature of the water and steam that will consequently remove the fog.

Fogless mirrors with reservoirs need to have the ability to theoretically last a lifetime without ever relying on an anti-fog spray.

Attached Mirrors

This option will affix straight to the pipe that is coming out of your wall. This mirror type functions as an intermediary between the pipe and the shower head.

At the top of an attached mirror design, you will have a valve where you can siphon off the water that is presently coming out of the shower and warm the mirror (similar to the reservoir type above).

The most significant disadvantage for this mirror is the more complex installation technique.


Fogless Shower Mirror Benefits and Drawbacks.

try flexible mirror reviewsWhen you buy a fogless shower mirror, you can enjoy numerous excellent advantages. They are a helpful accessory to have in your house, specifically if you delight in shaving in the bath or the shower.

  • Fogless shower mirrors, in general, are a terrific concept. You can install them in your bathing or bathing location. You can clearly see your face as you are shaving. No more cuts or missing locations.
  • Utilizing among a range of water-repelling technologies, fogless shower mirrors can avoid the build-up of condensation. As a result, you can see the mirror’s reflection clearly whilst the warm water is still running in the shower or if you are taking pleasure in a hot bath.
  • You don’t require to worry about getting a special electrical point fitted to set up a fogless mirror, as they don’t need any unique electrical outlets or power.
  • Installing a fogless shower mirror requires no special installation. Everything that you require to install the mirror for yourself will be consisted of when you purchase it.
  • You can frequently take a fogless mirror with you when taking a trip. You do not need to stress anymore about the mirror becoming fogged when you’re attempting to shave whilst you are away.
  • You don’t require to stress over safety when you purchase a fogless mirror. They are normally shatter-resistant. As a result, they will not leave shards of glass all over even if it does end up ending up being broken. This uses complete comfort when it pertains to packing it in a suitcase with your clothes. Even merely installing it in your shower area where it could potentially fall from its install will do.
  • Fogless shower mirrors are very cost effective and normally, you can buy one with just a $10 spending plan. If you’re getting frustrated with the annoyances of shaving in a humid environment, you don’t require to stress over not being able to pay for a fogless mirror as a solution to your problem.

There are not many downsides when it comes to fogless shower mirrors. You ought to note these negative points when you are trying to find one for your restroom.

  • There are different approaches of keeping the mirror free from condensation. While they are all reliable in their own ways, some are much better at warding off the water than others. You should take a look at evaluations to see what other clients believe.
  • Fogless mirrors that have been treated with a fog-free covering will require to be recoated or replaced over time. This might be a few years down the line, some of the lesser quality mirrors need re-coating within a brief quantity of time.
  • You might have to screw or stick some designs of the fogless mirror to the wall. If you aren’t able to drill into your wall, or if you do not desire a long-term mirror, you must make sure that you select one with a suction install rather.

We hope that you were able to find fogless shower mirror that will suit your needs. The prices are different but all of the variants are worthy.

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