What is the Comfort Height of Bathroom Vanities?

Read this, Articles will tell you the whole thing you need to know about Standard Height, Comfort Height, and Vessel Sink Height Bathroom Vanities.

The standard height of bathroom vanity cabinets 32 inches (vanity tops height ranges from 30 to 36 inches.), But contemporary bathroom vanities have become a little beat higher in recent years in what is well-known as “Comfort Height” Bathroom Vanities 36 inch (just like kitchen counters).

All Bathroom vanity cabinets come in a range of height measures including regular height, comfort height, and vessel sink height. Standard vanity height is often disputed and there’s not really a delimited “standard height.” The standard height of bathroom cabinets is resolute by averages of the most collective heights of bathroom vanity cabinets.


Standard Bathroom Vanity Height is 32 inches.

Standard Bathroom Vanity Height 32 inches

Standard Bathroom Vanity Height 32 inches

Standard bathroom vanity height is 32 inch. In general bathroom vanity tops height can range anyplace from 30 to 36 inches. Standard height bathroom vanities work well in families that have young kids who may be at a difficulty while using higher vanity cabinets.
The cause these vanities were low-slung contains a tiny history. After the post-war affluent, there were several new housing developments (the residential era) that presented many bedrooms with a solo bathroom for the house in 2BR / 1Ba and 3BR /2BA apartments or homes combinations. This intended that children would be sharing the bathroom space with their close relative so traditional bathroom vanity height was dropped to make this accommodation. This became the standard and was believed “Standard Height Vanity”. In present-day times, we have a number of bathrooms in the house so designers often increase the height to more comfy levels. Which takes us to the new standard is “Comfort Height”.


Comfort Height Bathroom Vanity is 36 inches

Comfort Height Bathroom Vanity is 36 inches

Abaco Avola 59 inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Contemporary bathroom vanities are successive the development of Comfort Height Bathroom Vanities. Comfort height bathroom vanities equal the dimensions of a standard 36 inches kitchen top. Kitchen top are above all used by adults for food preparation and are not gamely accessed by small kids. In difference, the bathroom is used by youngsters who are why bathroom vanity cabinets are usually lower than kitchenette counters. Coziness tallness contemporary vanities are model for empty nest home paternities and adults.
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How tall should be a Vessel Bathroom Vanity?

Abaco Avola 47.5  inch Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Espresso Finish

Abaco Avola 47.5 inch Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Espresso Finish

This chart shows the sizes of the Abaco Avola 47.5 inch Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Espresso Finish. You can see that the vanity height is 29 + 6.5 inch for the vessel basin for a total height of 35.5 inch.
In general bathroom vanity cabinets will be lowered in order to accommodate for the additional height add by a vessel basin. Vessel basins typically add 5 to 6 inches to the height of the vanity stone, glass and wood countertop. For instance, if you want the edge of vessel sink to be at comfort height, you need a vessel bathroom vanity that is 36 – 6 =30 inches in height.

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