A stylish bathroom is easier than ever to attain. With the quantity and quality of resources available on the modern-day market, Homeowners frequently defer to magazines, design catalogues, and DIY programs that showcase the latest developments in home renovation, as well as the steps taken to accomplish it on one’s own.

60 inch Floating Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Coffee Oak Finish Integrated Sink

60 inch Floating Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Coffee Oak Finish Integrated Sink


Traditional and contemporary, single or double sink vanities designs emphasize clean-cut design that is high on sophistication and low o maintenance. People who are on the hunt for such furniture are bound to be drawn to wall mounted vanities. They are elegant, easy to maintain, and as a result, have an extended shelf life. Traditional bathroom vanities cabinets typically rest on the floor and tend to be bulky. Thus, they can be a hassle to handle.

Nowadays, wall mounted bathroom vanities are on the hot-commodity list for the reason that having one in your home helps creates the perfect liaison between finesse and functionality. Simple yet sophisticated, wall-mounted vanities are well suited for the contemporary bathroom that is characterized by the nearly minimalist approach to home décor. It is about the key elements of a tasteful bathroom, and the wall-mounted vanity cabinet is an easy solution for achieving that effect in a bathroom of any size.

Picture a sleek bathroom in a present-day apartment or house, and into the mind’s eye pops the image of a stunning wall mount bathroom vanity with a vessel sink. Simple yet dignified, double sink vanities make excellent accents for the bathroom, and the tone they set is as multi-dimensional as the finishes are diverse.

For a more classic look and feel black and white are the quintessential choices.  Wall mounted vanities with an off-white or Arctic white finish adds to the brightness and warmth of the room; this scheme works splendidly by creating a spacious aura in a bathroom that is generally on the small scale, characteristic of homes with a Euro-Design theme.

Bamboo and birch make excellent choices for cabinetry materials. In turn, sturdy and lustrous travertine countertops add to the clean and polished look of wall-mounted bathroom vanities. Complete the set with a vessel sink of Vitreous China, and you have a bathroom worthy of cover-photo status in Home & Garden magazines. It is no joke that an updated bathroom spells a spike in value for your home.

Speaking of value, the online inventory is replete with wall mounted vanities from the best-known brands. The items are organized by dimension and shape, for the purpose of making your shopping easier. Furthermore, these items are listed and sold at a discount to accommodate your desire for high-end products at low cost.