Bathroom vanities have hit a rather significant milestone. Their style has evolved from large and elaborate Victorian dressers and consoles to the simple and elegant contemporary sets. Despite their undoubtedly fast-paced and volatile journey into the mainstream of home décor, they still retain a quaint and somewhat rugged charm. This quality really shines through rustic bathroom vanities. At a certain time, one used to be faced with a decision to choose an item based either on its one-of-s-kind design or its low price. You are no longer expected to treat these two concepts as completely disparate from each other.

34 inch Adelina Vintage Bathroom Vanity Grey Finish

34 inch Adelina Vintage Bathroom Vanity Grey Finish

Usually associated with the tranquil yet rugged nature of country homes and log cabins, rustic bathroom vanities possess and elegance unlike any other style of fixture. One of many outstanding characteristics attributed to the antique bathroom vanity is the fine balance between ruggedness and softness. These amazing fixtures harbor feelings of nostalgia for many decorators, as they often hearken back to the era of rugged independence born out of a trailblazing spirit. A similar mentality is at work today, as modern designers and manufacturers recreate the look of beautiful distressed furniture in fixtures adapted to fit a modern lifestyle.

Homeowners and real estate agents take several details into consideration when choosing the right rustic bathroom vanity. You can narrow down your search by types of material, the size of the cabinetry, and, of course, the price. Some types of wood are destined to make a stunning antique bathroom vanity that is simultaneously lightweight, corrosion-proof, and easy to maintain (not to mention budget-friendly). We are proud to carry in our online store top-shelf specimens made from such materials as mahogany, light oak, walnut, and cherry. Soft and subdued tones are usually common for various types of a rustic bath vanity finish, in keeping with the theme of calm accents found throughout nature.

A solid finish is crucial, in order to protect antique bathroom vanities from corrosion and excess moisture buildup. Some rustic bathroom vanities are hand-painted with ornate designs; some are sanded to achieve a smoother finish; still, others are simply coated with a wood sealant, which helps create a more natural look. We carry in our inventory a wide gamut of specimens, among which you shall find examples of finishes described above.  Rustic bathroom vanities are designed in a variety of sizes. They also have your choice of one or two sinks. Both floor standing are widely coveted by consumers looking to reconnect with the quaint natural flare, without having to pay a lump sum for remodeling.  You can choose any of the following for your countertop and sink: porcelain, acrylic, stone, marble, metal, acrylic, tempered glass, and even quartz.

Even though rustic bathroom vanities draw upon the concept of the Old West’s aesthetic, their appeal stretches beyond the confines of one era or geographical region. You can outfit your home with a bit of history that fits in seamlessly with the current trend.

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