“A white bathroom vanity cannot possibly be original and sophisticated!”… So say the skeptics, but it does not take long to catch on to the coolness factor that a white vanity can bring to the table (as well as to the floor, to the walls, and to the mirrors).  It is a sophisticated dresser unit, not to mention a beautiful centerpiece. Moreover, a white bathroom vanity is the homeowner’s canvas.

42 inch Adelina Antique White Bathroom Vanity, Fully Assembled

42 inch Adelina Antique White Bathroom Vanity, Fully Assembled

You can apply it to any and every concept of design. There are antique white bath vanities, modern and antique bathroom vanities, Shaker white bathroom vanities, Euro-Design, Feng Shui-inspired white bathroom vanities, and many more options to choose from.
As the allure of life in the city accrues an ever-expanding fan base, the need for more space becomes an impetus for decorators to get truly creative. One of the easiest ways to do so is by installing white vanity. Even more practical and elegant is opting for a white bath vanity that has wall mounted cabinetry: more storage room, in addition to freed up square footage for you.

A white bath vanity has myriad outstanding characteristics, and a particularly telling one is its ability to integrate into any given décor on the home design scale. Treat it as a blank canvas, and you will soon discover how easily white bathroom vanities will complement not only your bathroom but also the house, in its entirety. After all, the impression people gather from the bathroom and its ambience is often a pretext for all other rooms. If the vanity (a key central fixture) can unite all the elements of the bathroom décor, then the benefits you reap will constitute for your house’s value going up, as a result.
There is plenty of virtue in opting for an item that thrives on simplicity. No matter what style you are inclined towards a white bath shall cover all territories rather impeccably. A popular favorite appears to be the antique bath vanity; you are likely to see it in the aforementioned “hot spots” of Cape Cod, Tuscan, or Provençal villas in their respective lush country estates.

White may carry certain associations with the so-called “pure” and simple look of country bathrooms. It is not the limit, however.  Quite the contrary, country-style décor is a mere template that may inspire a home designer to incorporate certain classic elements in an innovative manner.  White, as mentioned before, is a color and finish that will create a sense of warmth and comfort, as well as a truly open environment that your very personal space deserves.
Contemporary or antique bathroom vanities have won over homeowners for several decades and continue to do so, at an impressive rate. Their polished, unassuming look and hand-carved details become more outstanding alongside an off-white or Arctic-white finish on traditional and vintage vanity cabinets.

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