The word vanity applies to a useful and aesthetically pleasing particle of furniture; it’s a term that is no longer synonymous with smugness of ownership. The idea of a bathroom stretches beyond a mere washroom and toilet. A white bathroom vanity likewise defies the stereotype of Victorian pomp, out of which it emerged.  Conceptualized as more of a status symbol than a necessity, the white bathroom vanity made its way into the mainstream and became an integral part of interior décor.

Adelina 56 inch Antique White Bathroom Vanity

Adelina 56 inch Antique White Bathroom Vanity


Comfortable and enticing are just two of the characteristics designers seek to achieve with a bathroom makeover. Regardless of its layout, the area can be spruced up with maximum charm and take up a minimal amount of space. White bathroom vanities are actually quite suitable for city residences and commercial buildings for multiple reasons. One of the most telling incentives is the manner, in which a white bathroom  vanity helps cultivate the impression of a larger and more open space, regardless of what square footage the room actually has.

What truly makes a white bath vanity invaluable is its blank canvas quality. Namely, you can have full carte blanche (pun intended) to design your space in any motif you desire. Our online furniture store is replete with motifs ranging from antique and traditional to modern and contemporary. As for the white finish, options are more abundant than meets the eye. The look is crisp and sophisticated, no matter the shade. We carry top-of-the-line specimens in Arctic, off-white, ivory, flax, cream, eggshell, champagne, and countless others. A mix and match of either two shades will create a classic, ageless look that will appeal to antique aficionados and contemporary chic seekers.

The market is replete with high-end storage units from all of the best-known brands in the industry. When shopping at our online furniture store, you can rest assured that top craftsmanship and bottom prices are an excellent combination that is the rule of thumb at our online furniture store. Consumers can acquire a single-sink or double-sink white bath vanity of any size and shape. Likewise, our stock contains both floor-standing and wall-mounted cabinets, the latter of which is especially popular in areas with less-than-standard square footage.
Several options for a quintessential white bathroom vanity countertops and sinks include marble, granite, tempered glass, acrylic, and porcelain. Either a contrasting (under-mounted, vessel) or a matching (integrated) sink will go a long way in giving your home a boost of refinement for a price lower than at the average brick-and-mortar store.

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